Wind Milestone Quest

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Item Requirements

For this quest you will need :


1. Go to the map north of Aldebaran and talk to Wynne (yuno_fild01 225, 162). He will knock you out because he thinks you're a Renbeker. Then walk around him to start the quest.


2. He will tell you to find May (ein_in01 273, 280) in the Einbroch Inn. She will be on the second floor in the upper right room.


3.Once you find her she will tell you to report back to Wynne. (That was useful)

4.Wynne will then tell you to find 3 Signs named Alpha, Charlie and Bravo. Each sign will spawn 4 Removers. 1682.gif

You need to kill them on the character doing the quest or you will just start over.

Ops Zone Alpha (lighthalzen 71,255):


Ops Zone Charlie (lighthalzen 119, 316):


Ops Zone Bravo (lighthalzen 164, 179):


5. Once you killed them all report back to Wynne in Yuno Field 1. He will tell you to report to May from now on.

6. May will now ask you to give her

7.Once you give her the items she will give you: 7922.gif 3 Rekenber Vouchers. You can exchange them for presents at the main desk found in the renbeker HQ)

8. If you talk to May she will tell you that she can make the Wind Milestone for :


5466.gifWind Milestone

  • DEF 2
  • AGI +2
  • Enables use of Teleport 1