Yellow Ribbon Quest

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  • "It’s a piece of ribbon that hangs to one side when worn that was created out of old Flags that was torn by bullets.
  • LUK + 2, VIT + 2
  • Reduces damage from Long Range attacks by 10%."
  • Class: Headgear
  • Defence: 1
  • Equipped on: Upper
  • Weight: 10
  • Required Level: 20
  • Applicaple Job: Every Job except novice



Step 1

Let us journey to Rachel where we must find an annoying little girl that goes by the name of "Madeline" (191,56). Madeline desires a yellow ribbon and therefor she wants you to spy on another brat named "Gladyss" to find out how to make one. Rather undignified, but we must play along for now...

Step 2 Gladyss can also be found in Rachel near some tables and a fruitstand at the coördinates (91,163). She doesn't notice you listening in on her as she sings a song in which she mentions the ingredients for the headgear: Big Ribbon x1, Cute Ribbon x1, and a dozen of blue ??? Just as she is about to reveal the the final ingredient she catches you spying on her and stops singing. Sadly, that's all the information we obtain from this one.

Step 3 Report back to Madeline. Here you will have to figure out what the final ingredient is. It's not a Blue Bijou, it's not blue hair, it's a "Blue Feather"! halfway the conversation a textbox will appear. Enter "Blue Feather".

Now comes the part where she asks you for the ingredients:

Step 4 Bring the ingredients to Madeline.

Congratulations, it is now finished.

Enjoy your new headgear.


  1. Thanks to Chuzard for this guide.