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Yuno Seal is the last of the Seal Quests required to unlock Valhalla; The other three being Prontera Seal Niflheim Seal, Manuk Seal. This quest features the conclusion of the whole storyline of the Seal Quest. You'll be navigating through a maze, fight MvPs, defeat Nokrah, after completion of which you'll unlock Valhalla.



Yuno Seal can be found in the centre of Yuno City. (Yuno, Capital of Schwarzwalk Republic (yuno): 210, 268)

Impotant Notes

IMPORTANT: Before you can access Yuno, you need to finish Pront, Niff and Manuk Seals.

Yuno Seal

The quest is comprised of 3 phases.

The Maze (Part 1)

Once the Arena Guide warps the entire party inside, you'll find yourself in a dark room.

On the map, you'll spawn on 1, in the bottom right corner. Your goal is to reach 7 to finish the first part of the Seal. Along the way, you'll run into a few obstacles, to make it more challenging.

In the next room already, you'll find that the first member that enters the room, gets trapped in there, without any help of their fellow party members. This room is 2 on the map.


1. This is the entrance, this is where you spawn.

2. This is the first trap room you'll encounter. There is no way to avoid this, as it is the only way out of the first room. The first member that will enter the room, will be trapped alone. Make sure that someone gets trapped that can kill things that come his way. The moment he gets trapped, some monsters spawn. Ranging from Deathwords - who take virtually no damage from AD btw ... - to Highpriests, Kasas, ... Make sure you are well prepared, make sure you have bragi, and that your strongest class triggers the trap. Once the monsters in the room are killed, the room will open itself again, and everyone can enter, and then pass the room.

3. This is your first party encounter. Your entire party will be warped inside, and the room will the shut close. An Atroce will be spawned in the room, and the room will open when you kill the Atroce. For anyone that is doing seals, with a party of 6 people, will assume Atroce is a piece of cake. Do not let your guard down though. Silly things DO happen in there, and this can wipe a party in no time.

4. This room is similar to room 2, the first member that goes in, has to kill everything in the room solo. In this room usually quite a few things spawn, like a bunch of Zombies, or a bunch of Ridewords, ... This again is not hard if you're well prepared. Make sure an AoE person goes in there, that can kill everything in the room fast. A Sniper or a High Wizard do the job perfectly. Once you clear the room, the gates open again.

5. This room is similar to room 3, you have to kill an MVP. The MVP is random, in a small pool of MVP's. In there can be a Doppelganger, Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord, Stormy Knight, ... Once the MVP is killed, the gates open, and you can go on again. Also here, these MVP's should be easy for everyone that enters these Seals, and even easier than Atroce. They're low level MVP's, but when not expected, they can cause some problems. Better be prepared than to start over again.

6. This room is the same as last room, a random MVP will be spawned, and your goal is to kill it. After this room, you're almost at the exit.

7. This is the EXIT. Here is a chat, and everyone has to go into the chat in order to get warped to the second part of the Yuno Seal.


  • Monsters are randomly spawned when the map loads. So far there is no indication that monsters actually RE-spawn when they get killed. Monsters that are spawned are for example: Kasas, Observation, Dame Sentinel, all LH3 mobs (normal versions), Byorgue, Swordmaster, Bowmaster, Deathwords, Owl Dukes, Salamanders, ... You don't really want to mob these too much, so proceed through the maze carefully. This part of the run has quite a long timer, so it is worth to slow down a bit and make sure that you're doing everything safely.
  • The LEFT side of the map is blocked off by barricades. you'll never be able to pass these at this point of the Seal. (Later you'll be spawned on the Left side, and then the right side will not be accessible).
  • For room 2 and room 4 there is a trick to get in more people than just one. The barricade is formed on the last tile of the corridor between rooms, while the trigger cell is placed at the other end of the corridor. Each corridor is 3 to 4 cells long. This implies there is a "dead' cell in between the trigger and the Gate that will pop up. Whichever character you place on these cells, will always enter the room, with the trapped person. the Cyan zone in the picture below is safe to stand, without triggering the trap, while having these people also enter the room once the trap is sprung.


Once you ran through the maze, you will be spawned into a new map. You'll get a small introduction from/about Nokrah, the one that was behind the entire thing. You are going to fight him in three phases.

A good strategy is to immediately run to the left side of the map, down the stairs. This will give you time to buff up, and chose when you are going in for the kill. Going back to this stairway after each kill is a good idea to recover and buff up again, rather than to be surprised by Nokrah spawning on you.

Phase 1

Nokrah takes the form of a Gunslinger. He is ranged, so he's fairly easy to tank. Someone with Pneuma can block out ALL the skills he casts. Have a champ or a HP tank him, while the rest of the party damages, and it should be over within 30 seconds. Do note: He has spread attack and other AoE's that will damage TOWARDS the tank. This implies that everyone that is not tanking, should walk around Nokrah and attack him from behind. This will save you a lot of frustrations. Damagers can range from Snipers to Champs, to HW's. He is not Ghost, so Biochemist gives a really nice advantage here. No one will really encounter too much problems with this Phase.

Phase 2

After the Gunslinger is killed, everyone should regroup in the same corner as before, to prepare for the next form. This form does need some attention, since it's the hardest form really. Nokrah now spawns as a Warlock, and thus has a lot of magic spells. There are two key elements for success here. You'll want Safety Wall being spammed on the tank, and you'll want the tank to wear a GTB. GTB will cancel out all the magic, and SW will cancel out most of his non-magic damage. At some point though, Nokrah will start casting Gravitation Field. This pierces both SW and GTB. On the bright side, you brought a Biochemist, that is now completely useless because of Nokrah being Ghost. Biochemists have other skills too, and should use Potion Pitcher on the Tank when the Tank takes damage. If you're careful, this should work fairly well too. Since you lost your Bio because of the Ghost element, you'll mainly rely on your Sniper or High Wizard to kill this form. If done correctly, he shouldn't give you TOO much trouble.

Phase 3

After the Warlock died, Nokrah will respawn as a Sorceror, for one last time. Make sure you ran back to your corner, to buff up and prepare for the next one. The sorceror form does use quite some magic too, but is quite a bit easier to take than the Warlock form. A way that has always worked nicely for us, is having a Steel Body Champ tank the MVP. Safety Wall is always welcome, but it doesn't matter TOO much. The champ should not wear GTB, but should wear RSX if he doesn't. Storm Gust and other magic skills will damage the champ, but not too much. Since he's not wearing a GTB, he can be healed easily.

At some point Nokrah even casts LP, which makes it a lot more endurable, since the magic cannot be casted on LP. Around the time where he casts LP, probably even slightly before that, Nokrah changes from Ghost to Undead. This means that somewhere halfway the Bio can start ADing again, for a quick finish.

The main problem with the last form is Screenwide attacks like Hell Judgement, or things like Pulse Strike and EarthQuacke. Make sure you're wearing GTB in time, and that pneuma's are kept up over the parties. As said before, this form is slightly easier than the second form, but you still have to be careful.


  • Teleport is enabled on this map. If the situation gets tricky, teleport away. Rather do the setup again in 3 minutes, than start all over again and waste even more resources.
  • Most of these forms Strip the tank (or anyone that Nokrah targets). FCP is definitely welcome for the tank.

The Maze (Part 2)

You just killed Nokrah, but have to make sure you go back outside before the timer runs out. Before you get warped, you have about 10-15 seconds left on the map. Make sure you give everyone as many buffs as you can, cause it's going to be a touch ride!

You spawn back in room 7 from the first Maze. Now however, that side is blocked off, and you can only go left now. Your goal is to reach the EXIT in the bottom right corner.


7. This is where you just spawned after killing Nokrah.

8. This room is equivalent to room 3. Your entire party will be spawned into this room, and all exits close. This time, a Baphomet will spawn. Baphomet is again not one of the most threatening MVP's, but with his Hell's Judgement and EQ, he can, if you're not paying attention, wipe a party. Once he is dead, you can just run for the exit.

Possible Strategy Considering EVERYONE will be spawned into room 8 once someone enters it, and this room HAS to be entered, because there is no other way, it is a valid tactic to send someone strong forward, that just keeps running like mad. He'll reach the room, and warp everyone in there. This helps because you don't have to kill all mobs along the way, since the party will skip most rooms. Down side, if this player dies, then of course the party has to catch up to him, and res him. The player didn't die because of nothing of course, he most likely mobbed quite some monsters, which makes it temporary harder for the party. It's a decision you have to make, and that should be discussed with your party. You have 8 minutes, so yo don't have to rush TOO bad. You'll reach it with the entire party too if you stick together. This is the last part of your journey though. It is not worth to rush and to screw it up because you rushed, because you're SO close to finishing. Proceed carefully, and keep communicating with your party. At the exit, make sure you walk into the warp, and make sure you talk to the Valkyrie outside. She will make sure you can enter Valhalla, so DON'T SKIP HER!

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