Bonus Bundle

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This is a package that can only be obtained by paying 50 Copper Coins to the Reward Guru. For a duration of two weeks you will get various special commands and other useful features that make your RO life a little easier.


  • !charinfo : Allows you to display your points in cooking, mining, jewelcrafting, and fame.
  • !exp : Shows your current EXP Percentages.
  • !hominfo : Enables you to view your homunculus' statistics.
  • !identify : Enables you to identify objects in your inventory without a Magnifying Glass.
  • !identifyall : Enables you to identify ALL the items in your inventory. (Spamming this will mute you for 15 minutes).
  • !killannounce : Gives you announcement when an MVP is killed and on which map it's killed.
  • !noask : Rejects all trades and invites.
  • !refresh : Allows you to refresh your client window and display.
  • !return : Enables you to return to your Kafra save-spot without using a Butterfly Wing. (Spamming this will mute you for 5 minutes).
  • !whereis : Allows you to display a list of spawn maps for a desired monster.
  • !whodrops : Allows you to display a list of monsters which drop a desired item.
  • !noloot : Prevents you from picking up any loot if you don't want your inventory to be cluttered.
  • !dropannounce : This new command will alert you to when an item below specific drop chance has been dropped by a monster that you've killed.

Other features

  • Free healing (both HP and SP).
  • Free repairs.
  • Access to the Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest
  • Allows you to use the Cool Event Corp. warper in iz_dun00 to warp to iz_dun05
  • Players will now receive a 7-Day Halter Lead upon getting Bonus Bundle (only for non-swordsmen and non-baby classes)
  • Plagiarism NPC (located in Morroc) will allow you to copy Storm Gust and Aspersio over the basic Tripple Attack and Bowling Bash