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Welcome to TalonRO Academy! Let us Kafra Agents be your guide as you get started in the world of Midgard!

Welcome aboard to TalonRO! We're glad to have you with us! We're the Kafra Agents, and together with our special friend - TalonRO's lovable mascot, TamTam - we're here to help you on your journey to get started. New to Ragnarok Online? Start here first!

Consider this lesson from the Kafra Agents as your very own TalonRO Academy lesson! We'll teach you all that you'll need to know to get started in the world of TalonRO, including some of the following helpful lessons:

  • Get started with your very own account on TalonRO. You'll be able to sign up, download the game, and explore the world of Midgard in no time!
  • Begin your journey in-game with our helpful Novice Tutorial. This interactive exploration puts you right into the game right away.
  • Learn more about TalonRO's essential mechanics, including some important features about stats, skills, jobs, shortcuts, and more!
  • Explore some of TalonRO's important offerings, such as our Reward System, Guilds, Party Play, and lots of other features!
TamTam's Tips

Look for me, TamTam, along the way through this guide for helpful tips, tricks, and don't-miss style hints! Along with the Kafra Agents, I will help you through your path in getting started on TalonRO! Let's do this!

Let's Get TalonRO Setup For You

Kafra Jasmine here! I'll be your guide to help you get set up on your account and download TalonRO. It's extra easy!

To get started on TalonRO, we'll want to make sure that we have our account set up in order to play! On TalonRO, you have two types of accounts:

  1. The first is your master account. This account keeps everything related to TalonRO in one place - including your access to the forums, Control Panel, Wiki, and much more. Don't worry if you don't know what these are - we'll explain that later!
  2. The second is your game account. This is what you'll use to sign into TalonRO when you're ready to play and get into the world of Midgard.

Before we get too much further, there are a couple of very important things to note!

  • You're only allowed to have one master account per person. If you've accidentally created more than one master account, quickly let a Gamemaster know by filing a Support Ticket. They can help you in ways that us Kafra Agents can't - and they'll be helpful here!
  • You can have up to ten (10) game accounts on your master account. Each game account holds spots for up to twelve characters.

Sign up for your master account

The registration page will get all of your accounts in order. Click here to be taken right to that page!

Signing up for your master / forum account is easy! Let's walk through the steps:

  1. Visit our Registration Page and click on the button marked REGISTER A FORUM ACCOUNT.
  2. From there, follow all of the steps and rules.
  3. Confirm your master account with your email address.

That's all there is to it! Once you're set with your master account and you've logged into it, we're ready for the second part of your account journey!

Sign up for your game account

Once you're signed in with your master account, you'll now have access to TalonRO's Control Panel. This remarkable one-stop location serves all of your account needs, including being able to use our databases, search shops, view rankings, file a Support Ticket, and much more! Right now though, we're only interested in the account management portion of the Control Panel - and we want to get that new account of yours set up right away!

  1. Visit the Registration Page again and click on the button marked CREATE A GAME ACCOUNT.
  2. From the Game Account Creation page, select a username for your game account, as well as a password, the gender of the characters you would like for this account to represent (male or female), and your birthdate (for account security purposes only).
  3. Confirm these details, and then you'll have your first game account!

That was just as easy as the first step! You can do this up to ten (10) times while signed into your master account - but don't forget that each game account can hold up to 12 characters. That's up to 120 characters at your disposal!

Download TalonRO

The download page has everything you need to play. Click here to be taken right to that page!

To play TalonRO, you'll need to download a copy of the game client. This is free and will always be free, of course! You can obtain the files you need with your choice of downloads from the Download Page :

  • The Full Installer, which has everything you need all in one package. If you're completely new to TalonRO, or need a fresh copy, you'll want this file.
  • The Mini Installer, which is good if you have an old copy of TalonRO or Ragnarok Sakray installed and need to just obtain TalonRO's files.

Select the file you need, download the package, then install TalonRO into a new, clean folder! After that, be sure to run the patcher to get all of the latest data:

  • TalonPatch.exe - this is your main gateway into the world of TalonRO. Use this patcher every time you want to sign into TalonRO. You'll automatically get important updates along the way as well.
TamTam's Tips

When in doubt, Full Installer it out! That way, you'll have everything you need. Trouble getting TalonRO to work? Try a new copy of the Full Installer! If you need other files along the way, like the BGM music files separately, you'll always be able to find them right on our Download page!

After that, you're ready to go into the world of Midgard! Have your game account credentials ready - you'll enter those in from the login screen! After that, you'll be able to make your very own first character on TalonRO, and be able to dive right in as a new Novice into our capital city of Prontera.

Let's Start in Prontera

I'm Kafra Curly Sue! Now that you're ready to begin, I'll show you what you can expect on your first day!

Once you've signed in with your game account, you'll find yourself inside of a special building. This building is located in the capital city of Rune-Midgard: Prontera. The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard is but one of several governments and lands across the world, but it's the seat of Midgard and where our journey begins. You may hear this building referred to lovingly as the "Job Changer Building" - but it's where all Novices start out. After all, that's what you are - a Novice! But you won't be for long as we set about our adventure through Prontera!

Inside The Novice Building with Manuela

As you begin in the Novice Building, you'll see a notice to accept TalonRO's rules before gameplay. After this, you'll be able to speak with Manuela, who will help you on your journey through Prontera. Each time you are able to complete her requests, she'll reward you with some very valuable Bronze Coins. These will come in handy when using TalonRO's Reward System later on during your adventures!

To start, she'll want you to speak with everyone in the building, which include these series of helpful friends who you'll likely come and visit a lot while in Midgard:

There are lots of people that Manuela will want you to visit to start. Be sure to talk to them all!
  • Universal Rental: She'll help you with renting certain features which are quite useful with specific job classes.
  • Platinum Skills: Most job classes have hidden skills which can be unlocked. She'll help teach you their secrets!
  • Dressing Coach: The most stylish man in Prontera will help you try on any number of available headgears, which are used to customize your character's look to your exact specifications. Try on a look - but don't forget that it'll disappear as soon as you leave!
  • Job Master: He will be able to teach you the ways of any job class you'd like - as simple as speaking with him, rather than embarking on a long quest. You can, of course, perform job changes the traditional way (and you'll earn valuable rewards for these efforts), but the Job Master makes choosing your next job class a breeze!
  • Anne the Stylist: Customize your hairstyle, hair color, and clothing dye in a snap with Anne's helpful abilities. You'll be fresh and ready to explore the world in style after a visit with Anne.
  • Reset Girl: Skills and stats play an important part in your character's abilities, but you don't have to fear being stuck with them forever once you choose a path! She'll help you start again if needed on those areas.

Beyond The Novice Building with Gustav

Once you've managed to do all of that, Manuela will offer you some more helpful tips about the various kinds of Job Classes that are available out in the world, and the areas which those classes particularly excel.

However, Manuela will send you outside of the building to speak with her colleague, Gustav, to learn a whole number of other important areas and people you'll encounter on your journey through Midgard. This will be your first time in the main square of Prontera - and what a busy and bustling city it is! It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many new people out and about - but your mission will be to speak with Gustav and learn all that you can about the world in front of you.

These helpful areas which Gustav will send you to include the following:

  • Kafra Agents: Hey, that's us! We're here to help you on your journey of course. We can save your location, help you access item storage to keep some extra items in place, and provide a wide array of other services. We're at your service across the world!
  • Warp Girl: This special Kafra Agent specializes in getting you where you need to go, and fast! She'll be able to take you to any corner of the world, the entrance point to a dungeon, and much more - all with a simple request. Getting around couldn't be easier or more convenient.
  • Doctor: Doctor Magreth will instantly heal your injuries, getting your HP and SP in top form for a small cost.
  • Instance Girl : She will point you in the direction of one of the many challenges taking place across the world. When you're ready for them, some range from friendly party-play to competitive and challenging action! Many of these games feature fun rewards as well.
  • Hunting Board: Obtain valuable missions for Bronze Coins, which you can do daily!
  • WoE Board: Learn more about the War of Emperium on TalonRO, including times and access to this special mode of gameplay.
  • Quest Check Board: If you're in the middle of quest and you're not certain what to do next, the Quest Check Board is your guide to keep you on track!
  • Rental Master: With a host of powered-up rental items which can be obtained with Bronze Coins, the Rental Master is a staple of the Reward System on TalonRO.
  • Reward Guru: The cornerstone of the Reward System, the Reward Guru will grant you access to many items in exchange for Talon Coins. Be sure to read all about how this system works over in the Reward System Overview guide!
  • Vending Officer: The TalonRO Marketplace is a special system in Prontera, Payon, and Prontera Mall that allows merchants to set up their shops quickly and conveniently. This whole wonderful feature is worth checking out - and helpful when you're looking for a specific item for sale!
  • Tool, Armor, and Weapon Dealers: These individuals will always be on deck to sell you a host of beginning and helpful items for Zeny - the main currency of Midgard.
TamTam's Tips

Be sure to do the whole Novice Tutorial in full! If you do, Manuela will reward you with something helpful that will give you an extra boost in the world out there. It's a big and mysterious place outside of the walls of Prontera - be sure to bring your best effort with these handy boosts. You'll also earn valuable EXP along the way - which will help you get ready to select your very first job class! That's where the real adventure begins.

Let's Learn TalonRO

Kafra Roxie to the rescue! You might be ready for Midgard, but is Midgard ready for you? I'll help you learn all of the absolute basics.

While many players may be ready to adventure into the brave new world of Midgard, others may be new to the worlds of Ragnarok entirely. If this is your first time playing, or if it's been many years and you'd like a quick crash-course refresher in the game mechanics, shortcuts, and other essentials of gameplay - the Kafra Agency has you covered!

Please note: this section is under construction (while we consult the Prontera Chivalry, of course, to get you the best training possible!) - so be sure to check back later when this is part is all done!

Gameplay Controls

TalonRO is a top-down MMORPG which features point and click game mechanics. Lets start by explaining that you can move your charecter with the Left Mouse button (M1) this same button allows you to converse with NPC's. Your hotkey bars can be expanded with the F12 button and assigned in custom ways that best suite your personal playstyle, primarily your given 4 bars of hotkeys, the first of which is the F1-F9 ~ Q-O ~ A-L ~ Z-. (period). A helpfull hint that if you accidentally remove your HUD you can bring it back with the F11 and if you happen to remove your chat bar, that can be brought back as well with F10.


Player stats are demonstrated in a multitude of catagories!

First of all we have the player Strength (Str) this is used for melee classes to provide them physical damage as well as Weight carrying capacity.

From there we have your Agility (Agi) to provide you more attack speed and the ability to Flee (dodge enemy attacks)

Vitality (Vit) is the most recognized stat which provides your charecter with more HP (health points) your Vit will also provide resistances to status ailments such as Stun, Poison, Silence, Bleeding and Blind.

Intelligence (Int) provides the mage and healer classes with higher heal and magical damage output, it also contributes to status ailment prevention for things like Sleep, Blind and Confusion.

Dexterity (Dex) is the primary stat for players with range to provide them with Ranged Damage! The great thing about Dex is that it also provides faster Cast Time for abilities, ideal for fast casting support classes and Mages.

Finally we have the gamblers paradise, Luck (Luk) which provides the player with a chance to inflict Critical Damage with Basic Attacks (melee and ranged) as well as a select few abilities! The Luk stat also provides a unique mechanic called Perfect Dodge as well as resistance to the Curse status ailment.

To locate the player Stats menu simple use the Alt+A hotkey.

Job Classes

Job Classes have a wonderfull range of variety! Starting out as a Novice you can progress into the multiple options of Melee classes such as Swordsman, Thief, Merchant and the Taekwon Kid.

Ranged Classes stem from Mage, Acolyte, Archer and Gunslinger.

The Ninja however gets special consideration since it can be made to build either Melee or Ranged physical or Ranged Magic.

And many more!


Skills can be acquired by raising the player Job Level and getting access to vital abilities to give the player stronger attacks, provide support for their allies or decimate hordes of monsters with strong AoE magic. The location for your Skill tree is Alt+S.


Items can be found by destroying monsters and completing quests, to see your Item inventory you can use the Alt+E hotkey to open the player Inventory as well as the Alt+Q hotkey to view your currently equipped Gear!


Upon joining the world of Midgard you'll be welcomed into many economic opportunities, so when you destroy a monster or complete an NPC quest, you'll be rewarded with items that you can Sell to other NPC's or Vend with a Merchant to sell to other players. Prices on items vary depending on the current ever-changing market so make sure to do your research and become a wealthy entrepreneur!

Game Mechanics

As mentioned previously in the Gameplay Controls category, you'll want to setup hotkeys to use abilities then activate them with the Mouse 1 button. Its very important to "Kite" your character so you don't get stuck in a monsters attack range, if you do so your player will be inflicted with Damage and will be "Flinched" or "Hit Locked" this will result in your screen position to be offset from the position at which your player received the damage and you'll need to try to move away to re-gain position control. Be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself healthy with Potions.

Party Play

Party Play is an important aspect of Ragnarok Online, we strongly recommend trying to form up parties and make new allies and friends on a constant basis to get the full RO experience and how it feels to cooperate with others in ridding the world of Midgard of Evil Monsters!

A wonderfull way to find party members to collaborate with is by utilizing the #Recruit chat, which can be used by putting #recruit in the "Whisper tab" of your chat box (on the left section). From there just ask players all around the server if they would like to join you on your quest!