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TalonRO offers a custom and unique Mining system. In various dungeons and maps you will find small Rocks laying around randomly. When you have a Pickaxe you can try your luck and see if they give you something nice. To start mining, you will need to do a short quest to obtain a Simple Pickaxe. Once you have completed the mining quest and begin mining, you will eventually be able to start the process of Jewelcrafting, which will allow you to use the Hidden Enchanting system to enhance your equipment with additional bonus stats.

Obtaining a Pickaxe

To start the Mining Quest, you have to find a Retired Miner at Einbech 92,223:

Mining 01.jpg

The mining quest has a few steps to it, but a guide on how to complete this quest can be found on the Wiki: Mining Quest

He will tell you that he wants do mine one more time while he is still able to do so. When you help him, he will eventually reward you with a Simple Pickaxe allowing you to start mining. If you lose the pickaxe, you can always ask him to make a new one.

How to Mine

When you find a mining rock, you can try your luck on finding something inside it. First off, make sure that your Pickaxe is equipped. Once it is, simply click the rock and wait on what will happen. When just starting off, you will not find many useful items yet. Every time you successfully mine something, you might get some Mining EXP. The rock will disappear and cannot be mined for a while. When your Mining EXP is higher, better items will start dropping. There is no cooldown for mining, but a failed mining attempt will mean that rock cannot be mined again for some time. You will also be able to wear better Pickaxes when your EXP is high enough, further increasing your success. However, the higher your Mining EXP becomes, the harder it will be to increase it more.

Obtaining a Better Pickaxe

Apart from the Simple Pickaxe, there are various better ones available: Good, Great, Ultimate, Earth, Ice, Fire and Wind Pickaxes.

The Good and Elemental Pickaxes can be obtained by doing a quest for Georg, who can be found at mjo_dun03 246,225:

Mining 02.jpg

Help him out and he will allow you to make a Good Pickaxe and later also Elemental Pickaxes. These pickaxes require a certain amount of Mining EXP before they can be used, however! A Good Pickaxe will perform better than a Simple Pickaxe. Generally speaking, either the "Great" or "Ultimate" pickaxes will perform quite well. Elemental Pickaxes are a bit more complicated and will be explained in the next section.

Great and Ultimate Pickaxes

These can only be obtained from monster drops. The Great Pickaxe is dropped by Skeleton Worker and RSX 0806.

1169.gif 1623.gif

In the end there is the Ultimate Pickaxe which is the best pickaxe you can get. It will significantly increase your success when mining, but is only dropped by Kublin who can be found in the WoE 2 guild dungeons.


Elemental Pickaxes

These pickaxes allow you to mine various elemental items such as elemental items but also elemental weapons! To actually mine these elemental items, you will need to use the pickaxes in places of their respective element. For example: a Fire Pickaxe can only mine Fire items in places such as Thor and Magma Dungeon. If used anywhere else, they will behave like a regular Good Pickaxe. These pickaxes can also be acquired from Georg. First you need a Great Pickaxe in your inventory before Georg can make it for you.

He'll need the following ingredients for each Pickaxe.

Fire Pickaxe

Ice Pickaxe

Wind Pickaxe

Earth Pickaxe

What can I get from mining?

When just starting off with no experience and a Simple Pickaxe, you won't get items that are too great. Think of things like Arrows, Coal, Iron, Crystal Fragments, etc. Eventually items such as Blue Gemstones, Steel, Rough Oridecon, etc. will start dropping. After a while this goes up to items like Oridecon, Elunium, Red Blood, Arrow Quivers, Silver Rings, Diamonds, OBB and more. If you are getting really lucky, expect items such as Gold Anvils, Gold, OPB, Emperium Anvils, Silver Robe[1], Crystal Pumps, Elemental Books/Katars/Bows and much more. You can increase your luck by improving your Mining EXP and using better pickaxes.

Mining Locations

These are the current mining locations. More mining locations might be added in the future, however!

Neutral Mining Fire Mining Ice Mining Earth Mining Wind Mining
pay_dun00 thor_v01 ice_dun01 lou_dun01 mjolnir_04
pay_dun01 thor_v02 ice_dun02 lou_dun02 um_dun01
mjolnir_02 thor_v03 ice_dun03 beach_dun um_dun02
mjo_dun01 mag_dun01 iz_dun00 beach_dun2
mjo_dun02 mag_dun02 iz_dun01 beach_dun3
mjo_dun03 iz_dun02
einbech iz_dun03
ein_dun01 iz_dun04


Once you reached a Mining Experience of 100, you might start noticing that you're getting an additional item when mining from time to time. These items are Raw Gems and come in four colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

These are not too useful on their own, but they will be once you refine them! Now. If you reached 100 Mining EXP, talk to the Retired Miner, the same one you talked to to start the Mining Quest. Ask him if he has any new tricks to teach you. He will ask you to gather a few items and then he will teach you the Jewelcrafting skill.

To use Jewelcrafting, you will need:

  • (1) Raw Gem
  • (1) Jewel Furnace
  • (1) Jewel Cutter

You can find the Jewel Furnace at the Blacksmith Shops. Jewel Cutters however come in four different flavors: Regular, Oridecon, Gold and Emperium. The regular one can also be bought at the Blacksmith Shop, but obviously the other ones are better.

The other Jewel Cutters can be found from the following:

To cut a gem, just doubleclick a Jewel Furnace and select the Raw Gem you want to refine. Success rates depend on your Jewelcrafting EXP and the type of Jewel Cutter you're using. It's possible to get 3 different qualities: Rough, Good and Perfect.

Each successfully crafted gem yields Jewelcrafting EXP of 10, 20, and 30 for Rough, Good, and Perfect, respectively.

Hidden Enchanting

Now then, let's say you have a refined gem! To put it to use, you can use it in a similar way to the official Hidden Enchant system, but we've modified it to be a bit more interesting.

As explained, there are four types of gems: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. After refining, these can be turned into Rough, Good or Perfect versions. Once you have a refined gem, find the Apprentice Craftsman in Prontera. There you can attempt to put one of these into an armor (slotted or unslotted). You can use pretty much any armor, but keep in mind that any existing refines, cards, etc. will disappear when you do this.

Also, once you put a Card in an enchanted armor, it isn't possible to remove it, so think carefully what card you put in there.

Every color has a different set of random bonuses.

9300.gif Red Gems
Physical Stats

9303.gif Blue Gems
Survivability Stats

9306.gif Yellow Gems
Accuracy Stats

9309.gif Green Gems
Quickness Stats

Strength (STR)
  • STR + 1
  • STR + 2
  • STR + 3
Intelligence (INT)
  • INT + 1
  • INT + 2
  • INT + 3
Dexterity (DEX)
  • DEX + 1
  • DEX + 2
  • DEX + 3
Agility (AGI)
  • AGI + 1
  • AGI + 2
  • AGI + 3
Critical (CRIT)
  • CRIT + 2
  • CRIT + 3
  • CRIT + 4
Physical Defense (DEF)
  • DEF + 2
  • DEF + 3
  • DEF + 4
  • HIT + 4
  • HIT + 8
  • HIT + 12
Attack Speed (ASPD)
  • ASPD + 1%
  • ASPD + 2%
  • ASPD + 3%
Vitality (VIT)
  • VIT + 1
  • VIT + 2
  • VIT + 3
Magical Defense (MDEF)
  • MDEF + 2
  • MDEF + 3
  • MDEF + 4
  • FLEE + 2
  • FLEE + 4
  • FLEE + 6
Luck (LUK)
  • LUK + 1
  • LUK + 2
  • LUK + 3

Which of the 3 bonuses you get when putting a Gem in an armor is completely random. So if you want a DEX Armor, then you will have to use a Yellow Gem, but you can still get Hit or Flee bonuses instead of DEX if you attempt that.

The bonuses you can get come in three levels. For base stats, it can be 1, 2 or 3. For other stats such as Crit, Mdef, Aspd, etc. these levels are usually slightly different (such as 4, 8 or 12 HIT). If you use a Rough Gem, you are more likely to get a +1 stat, while with a Perfect Gem, you are more likely to get a +3 stat. The level of bonus does not depend on the quality of the Gem you use, you can get any level of stat with any quality Gem. The quality just boosts the rates of the higher levels.

Remember, if you put this in a slotted armor, you can still put a card in it as well! So you could have a Bathory Formal Suit that gives you +3% ASPD for example.

Finding Gemstones on the ItemDB

TalonRO itemDB

In case you are looking for the gemstones on the ItemDB, gems, other than their original form, follow the naming scheme of "<quality> <color> gem". For example, "Rough Red Gem".

  • The Quality prefixes are Rough, Good, Perfect, and Raw.
  • The Colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
  • The gems themselves are called "Red-colored Gem", "Blue-colored Gem", "Yellow-colored Gem", and "Green-colored Gem". The hyphen is necessary for finding them in the itemDB.

Here's how mining works

- The system starts with a base random rate of 100-250

- It then checks for your pickaxe:

* Simple Pickaxe adds 0-1000 to the rate

* Good Pickaxe adds 250-1250 to the rate

* Elemental Pickaxes add 250-1250 to the rate. They are thus identical to Good Pickaxes when used on non-elemental rocks. On elemental rocks, there's of course the chance of getting some elemental items.

* Great Pickaxe adds 500-1500 to the rate

* Ultimate Pickaxe adds 750-1750 to the rate

- Now the refine rate comes in action. It only adds something when the refine rate is above +4. For every refine it adds 30 to the rate. So +10 adds 300 to the rate. This happens after the random rate it calculates on the pickaxe. So a +9 Great Pickaxe could have a maximum added rate of 1500+270 = 1770 and is thus better than a < +4 Ultimate Pickaxe.

Only when successfully mining something, it will have a 10% chance of gaining a raw gem. This rate is fixed and does not change at all. However, as you get more mining exp, you have a higher chance of successfully mining something and thus a greater chance of obtaining a raw gem as well.

Good luck with your mining and jewelcrafting! If you have any questions along the way, be sure to visit the forums and ask your question to the community!

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