Pirate Dagger Quest

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Lower headgear > Attack +5.




1. To obtain the quest, Go to sunken ship via warp girl. Talk Jack Worraps (alb2trea 114, 91). Select 'Yes' and your talon coin will be stolen! But don't worry, its not true. Talk again and choose go on. He will ask you to see for another person in the ship opposite side, on the same map.


2. The next person you will be looking for, is Sterni, a star fish-looking. Talk to Sterni and choose "where is it?". Type in Treasure of Catlos. Only the text in red, without the full stop or period. He will ask for the second time, choose "where is it?" Type in, Treasure of Catlos. For the third time, choose "Tell me what?". He will then tell you, the Treasure of Catlos is South of Coal Mine.


3. Go to Coal mine, look for Rufus (mjolnir_02 62,308). He will ask for 250 Fish Tails. After giving him the fish tails, he will ask you to talk to Bori (mjolnir_02 61,314). Bori will ask you to talk to Boli (mjolnir_02 63, 340).




4. Talk to Boli and he will ask you to play a game with him. Paper, Scissor, Rock game. You have to win 3 times before him. You can keep trying till succeed.

5. After winning, he will ask you to find Hints at four different place in Comodo City. He'll ask you one each time, so go back to Boli after you find each Hint ( order shared below ). Once you successfully go Boli and Hints, the Hint you already completed will say "Go away" then you can continue with 2nd, 3rd and 4th one.

First, west in comodo > Hints (comodo 52,228).


Second, south in comodo > Hints (comodo 198,66).


Third, east of comodo > Hints (comodo 312,166).


Fourth, north of comodo > Hints (comodo 182,348).


6. After looking for all 4 Hints, he will ask for 3 Rotten Fish. Give it to him and he will tell you the actual hints is around the mountain.

7. Look for Bruce Enyaw (mjolnir_02 272,103). He's on the eastern part of that map. Talk to him.



8. Talk to 'Mr. Weely', at mjolnir_02 269, 102. Just beside Bruce Enyaw.


9. Go back to sunken ship and talk to Jack Warrops. He will sort of telling you, he is the one who stole it.

10. Next, talk to Mr. Weely again. He will ask for 600,000 zeny and a Pirate Bandana. Give them to him and he will tell you what the apple does.

11. Go back to Jack Warrops and talk to him. This time, he will not be your friend anymore.

12. Next step, look for purple flower at (mjolnir_02 225,87).


13. You will find Klup and Jack Worraps' Corpse at the purple flower.

Talk to them and choose the "Take the knife" option. You will require to have a Fisherman's Dagger in your inventory to take out the dagger.

The dagger taken out will be the Pirate Dagger.


  1. Thanks to sweehung for writing this guide