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The Reward System is one of TalonRO's most interesting features. It is a system that provides a whole host of unique goods and services to enhance your gameplay experience! While most servers make their special features available only to donors (and thus giving them a distinct advantage over non-donors), TalonRO's approach is balanced through the system of Talon Coins, which can be earned in a variety of ways. Talon Coins can buy you some truly wonderful and unique items. However, the very best items in the game - the Super Quest Items (SQI) - cannot be purchased through Talon Coins. This guide will walk you through several features: what Talon Coins are; how you can earn them; and what you can buy with them.

Talon Coins - What Are They?


Here at TalonRO, our economy is driven by a certain special reward item in addition to zeny: the Talon Coin. It's a form of currency that can be exchanged for special account services, removing cards from items, or even almost any item or card of your choice! The full list of available items and services for purchase can be found at the bottom of this guide.

These coins can be traded, vended, exchanged, whatever you like! Want an MVP card, but don't want to compete for literally months of sleepless nights camping a spawn? Not a problem! Tired of being a girl, and want to see what the male persuasion has to offer? Talon Coins can help you there, too!

The main NPC to handle anything regarding the Reward System is the Reward Guru, who can be found at Prontera 158,193.

You can use it to exchange Copper Coins for Talon Coins, to use several services such as Rollbacks, Namechanges or to buy a reward item of your choice.These services are also discussed in the "What You Can Buy" section.


Earning Talon Coins

The real beauty of the Talon Coin economy is that you can earn them through a variety of methods. Earning Talon Coins (TC) can be done by playing minigames, voting for the server through your account Control Panel, participating in one of TalonRO's many timed events, or through a donation to the server. To start, we'll cover how you can earn TC just by playing on TalonRO!


Copper Coins

Here at TalonRO, we reward you just for playing the game! ...Well, almost. Across Rune-Midgard, we've put a special spin on a variety of minigames, and made them accessible to players new and old. Instead of their usual rewards, though, you earn Copper Coins. Some NPC's will still trade these Copper Coins for the minigame's usual rewards, but there's also one more use for these points - you can exchange your Copper Coins for Talon Coins! The Reward Guru NPC will allow you to trade in your accumulated Copper Coins for Talon Coins. The exchange rate changes a bit, but we'll discuss that later! This NPC can be found at Prontera 158,193.

You can earn Copper Coins through a variety of means. Sometimes Copper Coins will be offered through a special event or promotion, but most of the time you can earn Copper Coins through several venues!

TamTam's Gift

Every month, a new region in Midgard is chosen to be the recipient of TamTam's Gift: a special blessing from our lovable mascot who will allow monsters in the region a chance. Each month, a set of maps will be defined as the region which has received Tam Tam’s Gift. When TamTam's gift is in effect on a map, all monsters will provide a chance to drop Bronze and Copper Coins! Furthermore, lurking on the maps in the region will be powered-up versions of some monsters found in the region, called Champion Monsters. These more powerful monsters will be harder to defeat, but they feature boosted EXP, and will also drop Copper Coins as well!


While minigames and normal mobs are fun and all, you'll also want a challenge at times. Therefore, most of the MVPs drop Copper Coin Tickets when killing them. All field MvPs except Lord of Death reward 2 Reward Ticket, which gives 2 Copper Coins upon usage.



This is probably the simplest of ways to earn Copper Coins. You merely enter the waiting room with a group of friends, and play a game of Bingo! The winner will be rewarded with Copper Coins! It's a bit of a gamble, but people are guaranteed to win some points, be they Novices or High Wizards! Bingo can be found at Hugel 58,207.

Monster Races


Here's another popular, simple minigame -- betting on monster races! If you can guess the winner(s) of a singles or doubles race, you'll win some Copper Coins! Best of all, many, many people can bet on races, so you probably only have to wait until the next race to have a shot at earning a Copper Coins jackpot! Unfortunately, to deter multiclienting and cheating the odds, only one person per IP address can enter per race. If we discover you are still finding ways to squeeze multiple accounts into these races at one time, there will be dire consequences! So please remember: only one of your characters per race! Hugel Minigames can be found at Hugel 63,73.

TalonRO Lottery


Another part of the Reward System is the TalonRO Lottery. Every player can buy up to 20 Lottery Tickets per account, costing 10,000 zeny each. All the invested money is added together in a giant jackpot. Every Tuesday and Friday at 8 PM server time (GMT+1), the jackpot of the TalonRO Lottery is announced ingame. The winner wins the 75~85% of the jackpot, depending on the voting rate. On top of that the winner will get 100 Copper Coins. So if you are feeling lucky, buy a ticket and who knows! Perhaps you will end up being a zeny millionaire!

Anything else?

This is just our initial offering -- more custom quests in the future may offer Copper Coins, as well as any other little minigames we might think up...or any updates we might implement!


First off, of course you will be rewarded directly for voting for TalonRO. By going to the [Control Panel] and logging into your ingame account, you will be given points every time you vote! However, voting for points is something just about every server has. We wanted something unique and here's what we came up with!

You might have noticed -- say, from our login message of the day -- that you might not always pay the same amount of Copper Coins for your coins! A little bit of community participation comes in here:

Just look at the [Control Panel] of the server. You'll see a list of voting options. As more people vote for the server, everyone pays fewer Copper Coins for Talon Coins! It's a little complicated, but this guide is here to walk you through it!

Each day, the amount of votes TalonRO has received on the voting sites will be added to a set goal. If we reach that voting goal within the timespan, the price of exchanging Copper Coins for a Talon Coin will decrease! On top of that, the server's global EXP and Job EXP rate will rise, too! But if we did not reach the voting goal, the price will increase, and EXP rates will drop! So in short, don't forget to vote, and tell your friends! Once the goal has been reached, the next goal will be slightly higher than the previous one. Though in case the goal was not reached, the next goal will be slightly lower than the previous one. This way it automatically adjusts itself to keep the goal realistic to achieve. There will sure to be some down days, but as long as we keep growing, the exchange rate will stay cheap!

Here are the fancy details:

  • There will be a minimum exchange rate for Copper Coins, and a maximum serverwide EXP rate increase. If you reach that minimum/maximum, the exchange rate will stay unchanged if votes increased, or grow worse if votes decreased. If you're at this point, though, it's a sign the community has been growing pretty steadily! Talk with friends and schedule your votes to keep it that way!
  • Likewise, the coin exchange rate can only get so bad -- currently, double the minimum exchange rate for coins and 5x kRO rates (we are, after all, a 5/5/3 server) for EXP. But it will take a while to reach this point, too -- and it's much easier to fix!
  • Every day the exchange rate for Copper Coins will slightly change.
  • At the end of the month, until the 3rd of the next month, the exchange rate and EXP rates will remain constant while voting sites reset and we collect a new set of data. So towards the end of the month, make sure to pay attention to voting!

It's a lot to remember, especially if you like to play the market! But if you remember one thing, remember this: more votes = more fun for everyone!

Timed Events

Apart from the minigames that are open 24/7, there are also events/minigames that open at certain times only. Quite often these give better rewards than the other minigames, however you can't use them whenever you want! You can find the Minigame Girl in every town who can tell you exactly what each game is about and when it opens. Let's take a look at what we have.

Poring Catch


There are 150 different porings on the field. However! Only one of them is real, you have to find him. If you are able to find the real one, you'll win 1 Copper Coin! Be aware though, killing the wrong one can cause some unexpected effects! Equipment cannot be used in this game.

Poring Catch opens every 4 hours for a duration of 1 hour.

GM Challenge


The GM Challenge is a party-based event (5 players minimum) that opens at certain times. It's called the GM Challenge because they are designed after the GMs of TalonRO. This basically means that the GMs on the server designed a challenge to their liking with monsters and MVPs that he/she likes or dislikes!

The decision of which GM Challenge to pick is done completely random every time it opens. One time it could be the GM Boreas Challenge while an other time it could be the GM Shiris Challenge.

You will fight through 3 floors of strong monsters and MVPs. After finishing each floor, each player will be rewarded with some Copper Coins. After that, you will face a custom MVP that gives good EXP and drops nice items. Also, each player will be rewarded with 50 Copper Coins and a unique GM token at the end of the challenge. These unique GM tokens can be gathered to claim a preferred GMC Box (Classic, Cerulean, Saffron, and Crimson).

The GM Challenge opens at the following times:

Day Time slot 1 Time slot 2 Time slot 3 Time slot 4
Monday 02:00-04:00 12:00-14:00 16:00-18:00
Tuesday 04:00-06:00 14:00-16:00 18:00-20:00
Wednesday 06:00-08:00 16:00-18:00 20:00-22:00
Thursday 08:00-10:00 18:00-20:00
Friday 00:00-22:00 11:00-13:00 15:00-17:00 20:00-22:00
Saturday 02:00-04:00 12:00-14:00 18:00-20:00
Sunday 00:00-02:00 11:00-13:00 14:00-16:00

Poring Rally


In Poring Rally you will find lots of unusual Poring-type monsters. Every type is worth a certain amount of points. The person who gets most points (at least 100) by killing them after the time runs out, wins! Most points are obtained when at least 3 players are on the map. With less players, you will not get the max amount of Copper Coins. This game is quite reliant on attack speed, so prepare before you join it. You can find it in Brasilis or by talking to the Minigame Girl. Equipment cannot be used in this game.

Poring Rally opens every 4 hours for a duration of 1 hour.

Haunted House


There is a house in Geffen with a bit of an ugly past behind it. Follow the Minigame Girl to this eerie locale...rumor has it a murder took place inside. Your task? Find out who did it, along with where, how, and even when! If you're familiar with a certain board game, this scenario might seem a little familiar!

Four people are required to start a round of this minigame. Once you are inside, your task is to search for clues that will tell you details of the murder. Each distinct room of the house (not including the hallways and chapel) has four objects that may contain clues. Once you know all four details of the murder, talk to the Judge located in the statue in the chapel on the second floor. If you are correct, you win! If not, you will be whisked away with nothing!

But be careful! Any time you enter a room with objects, you have a chance of being whisked away by a vengeful spirit and losing your chance to guess that round! It's highly unlikely that you will be able to visit enough rooms to find all the clues before being whisked away, and even more unlikely that you will finish it all in time. For this reason, you should coordinate with the other people in the house and trade information about the clues you find to minimize the risk of getting whisked away!

However, it's not that simple...the first person to solve the mystery at the Judge will receive a hefty 18 Copper Coins. The remaining players will not receive a reward, much like Bingo. With this in mind, you may want to think carefully about when and with whom you share your clues! Don't spend too long debating or keeping mum, though, because you have only ten minutes to solve each mystery!

The first four rooms entered are guaranteed not to whisk anyone away (this applies to any of the 14 rooms; once a fifth room has been entered, the risk of being whisked away applies). Additionally, only one person per IP address may be inside any room at one time, and once someone from a particular IP address has been whisked away, no one from that IP address may enter another room for that round. Multiclienting or having multiple people in a game is not disallowed, however.

Haunted House is open for 2 hours with a break of 2 hours after it.

Other Methods for Obtaining Talon Coins


On the TalonRO Forums, we have a biweekly screenshot contest and various other regular events, judged by the GM staff. The top 5 winners will receive Talon Coins directly! From time to time we may hold additional contests, too, so keep an eye out for them!

Facebook Giveaways

Usually once or twice a week, we will give out a couple of Copper Coins on our Facebook Page. So be sure to join our FB page and check it out regularly to see if there are any giveaways running!


For special holidays, current events, or just because we want to spice up the game for everyone, TalonRO will often throw an event or two! These events may involve Copper Coins, Talon Coins, or items popularly purchased with Talon Coins. Pay attention to the forum announcements and your patcher messages!


If, after all these options, you still don't see a method you like, or still don't have enough, we do provide Talon Coins as thanks for any donation -- at the rate of 1 Talon Coin per US$1. More information can be found on our [official donation page]. Please remember that selling Talon Coins for out-of-game currency (real life money) is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. The information regarding the server rules can be found [[1]]

The Rental System

Apart from more permanent rewards such as Copper Coins and Talon Coins, we also offer Rental items. These are items with a temporary lifespan, namely 1 week. They are generally more powerful than normal items, so make good use of them while you have them!


Bronze Coins

You obtain these items by finding Bronze Coins, which can be gathered through various ways. Once you have enough coins, you can talk to the Rental Master in Prontera. He can be found next to the Reward Guru. Here you can rent several powerful items (weapons, armor, garments, headgears, etc.) for a period of 1 week. These items are more powerful than your usual items and can be found in several categories: 200 Coins, 125 Coins, 75 Coins and 50 Coins. All of them except the 200 Coins category can be used in Vanilla WoE/PvP as well.

The Rental Master can rent you various items for a period of one week, plus an Old Orange Box as explained above. This NPC can be found at Prontera 160,193.

TamTam's Gift

Each month, a set of maps will be defined as the region which has received Tam Tam’s Gift. When TamTam's gift is in effect on a map, all monsters will provide a chance to drop Bronze and Copper Coins!

Eden Quests

You can access the Eden Group from NPCs in various Towns.

Based on your level, Eden quests will reward you with varying amounts of EXP, Bronze Coins and Novice Potions.

Level Rewards
1 to 12 5 BC & 20 Novice Potions
13 to 26 5 BC & 40 Novice Potions
27 to 40 5 BC
41 to 90 10 BC
91 to 98 20 BC
99 25 BC
Trans 30 BC

Reward Items and Services

When you have acquired some Talon Coins, you can spend them on something you like. Here are the available items/services you may request. Most of these can be acquired by talking to the Reward Guru at Prontera. While they are sorted by "Rank" on this page, most items can be found at the Reward Guru in a different way. Example: Valkyrie Shield[1] is found in the Shields section and Baphomet Card in the Weapon Cards section.

The entire Reward List can be found by clicking here.

Questions? Feel free to ask about them in the forums and one of the GM staff or a member of the community will be happy to assist you!