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Rates 8x/8x/3x (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate).
WoE Times Wednesdays (Vanilla) 4pm - 5pm GMT; (Unrestricted) 5:15pm - 6:15pm GMT

Sundays (Vanilla) 3am - 4am GMT; (Unrestricted) 4:15am - 5:15am GMT; (WoE:SE Vanilla) 3pm - 4pm GMT

Hardware Dual E5-2620v4 @ 2.10GHz.

256 GB RAM, 1Gbit network

Max Level 99/70
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190
Instantcast 150 DEX
Commands See: Player Commands
Server Rules See: Server Rules
Renewal Status Pre-Renewal - Episode 14.1 Bifrost
Classes Available First Class, Second Class, Transcendant Class.
Cross Transing Available - See: Cross Transing
GM Team See: TalonRO GM Team
War of Emperium See: War of Emperium