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  • ...uly wonderful and unique items. However, the very best items in the game - the Super Quest Items (SQI) - cannot be purchased through Talon Coins. This gui ...The full list of available items and services for purchase can be found at the bottom of this guide.
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  • ...e can keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be punished by a GM under his/her discretion. * You may only use the official TalonRO client to play the game.
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  • ...s been updated to, from now on, work with Nepenthes Card. The new card has the effect “Receive 5% less damage from Long Range Physical attack” and can ...g>Boost</strong>: We have added a lot of new Achievements to the game. All the LH3 and LH4 MVPs have gotten their Achievements as well as two achievements
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  • ...">[ Poison Spore]</span>, (Buy it at the Alchemist Shop NPC in Prontera) ...[ Empty Test Tube] </span>(Buy it at the Alchemist Shop NPC in Prontera)
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  • [[Category:Ask the GMs Anything]] Our first Ask the GMs Anything was held on January 11th, 2015.
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  • ...hours to players. To participate in GMC, talk to the Minigame Girl to join the GM Challenge Lobby. The GMCs entail fighting monsters (including MVPs such as Valkyrie Randgris, Ni
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  • Here you'll see the main chat window. There are 6 different buttons. # With this button, you can detach the selected tab from the chat window. This way you can drag it around where you like.
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  • All credits go to Razer for his original guide posted on the TalonRO forums. Far too many times, new players ask others in !main or around TalonRO for how to make zeny. They often get answ
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