TalonRO GM Team

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TalonRO has an incredibly dedicated body of staff, with each team member taking care of extremely precise roles to present you with the best gaming environment possible!


GM Boreas - Administrator, Developer, Support

GM Seiren - Administrator, Designer, Support

GM Howl - Administrator, Public Relations, Support

High Gamemasters

GM Shiris - PvP, Developer

GM Lance - Events, Designer

GM Saen - Events, Support

GM Phoenix - Developer


GM Amor - Web Developer

GM Haru - Events

GM Mikzie - Events

GM Neza - Events

GM Kuma - Events

GM Radius - Events

GM Cherri - Events

GM Spica - Support

GM Luna - Events

GM Zelda - Support

GM Elixia - Events

GM Rainbow - Events

GM Amri - PvP

GM Copal - PvP

GM Azul - Events

GM Sonder - Events