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Introduction to the TalonRO Marketplace

Marketplace change 1.png Welcome to the TalonRO Marketplace! We know that the market for buying and selling items is a flagship experience in Ragnarok Online. It's used to buy and sell all of your items and is the main source of zeny income for nearly all players. Much of the TalonRO community has created a merchant character during their time on TalonRO to serve as their ambassador to the world of buying and selling items on TalonRO. In fact, the market is such a critical piece of the RO experience that nearly everyone uses it daily!

That's why we at TalonRO set out to augment the market experience even more. One major enhancement for RO trading was the implementation of @autotrade, which is a command used to leave your merchant logged in while closing your TalonRO client. TalonRO also introduced the concept of the Buying Store, which is a type of vending where merchants can set up a shop looking to buy specific items rather than selling them. TalonRO also has its own global channel for those looking to buy, sell, or trade items called !market.

However, with the introduction of the TalonRO Marketplace, we've optimized the market experience to do several key things:

  • Centralize shops by creating unique vending systems in Prontera, Payon, and Prontera Mall with our Vending Officer. This way, shops are less scattered throughout the world and centers of economic commerce are created.
  • Make finding the item you want to buy simple and visually easy through our implementation of custom shop commands and control panel search functions.
  • Reduce the number of vendspot holding instances where other players would look to violate rules by stealing a spot against TalonRO's Rules.

To achieve these things, TalonRO has created a series of enhancements called the TalonRO Marketplace. In the earliest days of Ragnarok Online, major cities like Prontera and Payon were central to commerce, and @autotrade was not something even available! While new enhancements to RO have made improvements to the market experience, we set out to create a market system that accomplished both upgrades to buying and selling while still aiming to preserve the original spirit of buying and selling in major cities for convenience and authentic feel.

Our market changes may be different from what you're used to! This is why you should read over our TalonRO Marketplace System carefully to ensure you're using all of the commands and changes to their maximum potential.

Overview of Features


The TalonRO Marketplace uses several incredible enhancements to make your market experience the best it can be! There are a number of tools at your disposal, including the following:

Feature Description
Global Channel: #market #market is the global channel for all buying, selling, and trading. If you're looking for an item to buy, sell, or trade - use #market to do this. You don't need to have the Vending skill and anyone can use it. In your chat window, simply use #market into your chat whisper box, followed by your message in the normal chat box area.
Buying Stores Buying stores are special stores which allow you to buy items instead of selling them. You'll need to have at least one (1) quantity of the item in your inventory that you're looking for. Buying stores are great when you're looking for bulk items from players who are looking to unload their loot at a price that's higher than what the NPC will buy them for. Plus, you'll be able to likely purchase those items at a reasonable price as well! To use the Buying Store, you'll need to be in the Merchant Branch of classes and have completed the small quest to receive your Buying Shop permit. For more information on this, read through our Buying Store wiki guide.
Selling Stores Selling stores are available through the Merchant class skill "Vending." This is how you'll be able to set up a shop in TalonRO and sell your items at the price that you'd like! To set up a shop, you'll need a few things, including a Merchant Cart (which you can rent at the Universal Rental NPC in Prontera in the Job Change building), items you'd like to sell, and the skill "Vending" at a level of at least one (1). Be sure to also review TalonRO's rules about vendspot holding and overpricing items before you vend!
@autotrade @autotrade is a vending command in TalonRO which allows you to set up your shop and then log out while leaving your merchant logged in. To use this command, simply set up your Buying or Selling store as normal. Once you've finished and your shop is up, simply type in @autotrade into your chat window and your TalonRO client will close. Your merchant will remain logged in for a period of several hours or until all of your inventory sells out, at which time you'll be restored to your save point in game. It's important to note that you can only use @autotrade in three major locations: Prontera, Payon, and Prontera Mall. These cities are designated with a Vending Officer, who will help get you into a free location within these maps. Other cities or maps require that your merchant stay logged in with TalonRO actively running for vending.
Vending and Autotrade Cities Vending in TalonRO can only occur in cities and only on a few select field or dungeon maps. Be sure to read below about where you can vend before planning your shop! Like the original days of Ragnarok Online, vending mostly occurs by having your character actively logged in - so most towns and cities in TalonRO do not allow the use of @autotrade. We make two exceptions for this in TalonRO: Prontera and Payon both allow the use of @autotrade through a special vending system using the Vending Queue. Using the Vending Queue and @autotrade system together are great for times when you want to leave your merchant in a highly visible shop location.
Vending Queue The special Vending Queue system is native to Prontera and Payon only. In each of these cities, we've designated special places where merchants may set up their vending shops. This is so both of these cities are not clogged up with vend shops everywhere and all of the shops are in nice, orderly rows. To enter into the vending lanes in both Prontera and Payon, you'll need to speak with an NPC called the "Vending Officer." You can read more below on how this system works - but in essence you'll be slotted into the first available slot in these towns, where you can set up your shop and then use @autotrade to leave your merchant in a vending state while you continue to play TalonRO on another one of your in-game accounts!
@shopfilter This command is a unique addition to TalonRO and allows you to filter out exactly what you're looking for amongst many different kinds of shops. For example, if you're looking for Elunium among all of the shops in Prontera, simply use @shopfilter elunium and suddenly you'll notice the only shop windows which will appear are those that are selling Elunium! You can use this command by typing @shopfilter [Item Name or Item ID #]. To restore all shops to their normal view or reset your filter, simply use @shopfilter clear in your chat window.
@shopjump The special command @shopjump is also a TalonRO exclusive feature. This command will whisk you away to the shop that you're looking for with the item at the cheapest price! You can only use this command when you are inside of a city or town and cannot be used on fields or dungeons. For example, say you wanted to be taken right away to the shop that sells Elunium the cheapest. Simply type into your chat window @shopjump elunium and you will be taken to that shop right away! You can use this command by typing @shopjump [Item Name or Item ID// #]. This will also enable @shopfilter, which can be cleared using the clear method listed above.
@whosell Also used as @ws, this command allows you to see all of the shops - both live and autotrade - which are selling a particular item. This displays as a list form in your chat window. For example, using @whosell elunium will call up a list of all vendors selling Elunium, the price they are selling it for, and where they are vending the item. You can use this command by typing @whosell [Item name or Item ID #].
@whobuy Also used as @wb, this command allows you to see all of the shops - both live and autotrade - which are looking to buy a particular item through a buying shop. This displays as a list form in your chat window. For example, using @whobuy elunium will call up a list of all buying shops looking to purchase Elunium, the price they are buying it for, and where they have their buying shop located. You can use this command by typing @whobuy [Item name or Item ID #].
@purchasejump The special command @purchasejump (or @pj) is a TalonRO exclusive feature. It functions in the same way as @shopjump detailed above but for buying shops.



Where can I vend?

Vending in TalonRO happens in the following locations only:

  • All towns and cities. All eligible map are those which are listed under the "Cities" section when using the Warp Girl NPC. Some cities extend to special areas, such as Payon and the Payon Archer Village for example.
  • The following special field or dungeon maps:
    • Morroc Pyramid Ruins (moc_ruins)
    • El Mes Plateau (yuno_fild03)
    • Cursed Monastery F3 (abbey03)
    • Kokomo Beach (cmd_fild02)

Outside of these maps, it is not possible to set up a vend shop. Therefore, all vending on TalonRO takes place within these specifically designated areas. This is designed to help minimize shops being scattered about and to help make it easier to buy the items that you're looking for, or to sell them in a way where people can access your shop.

In Prontera, Payon, Eden Group, Prontera Mall and Lighthalzen only, vending takes place in specially marked Vending Lanes. These Vending Lanes must be accessed using the Vending Officer, which is described in the section below.

Live Vending & Using Autotrade

While you are able to set up a vending shop in all towns, cities, and in the designated field or dungeon maps, most of these vend shops must be set up as what are called "Live Vend Shops." This means that you will still need to have TalonRO open and running to leave your shop up. Once you log out or close TalonRO, your shop will go away.

However, in Prontera, Payon, Eden Group, Prontera Mall and Lighthalzen only, you will have access to a special command called @autotrade. This command allows you to set up your shop and then log out while leaving your merchant logged in, as described in the table of marketplace terms.

Eden Group (moc_para01) is the room to your right as you enter Eden.

Prontera Mall (pron_mall) is available at Warp Girl (Cities, second option).

Vending System Summary 1 - New.png

Setting up your shop in Prontera, Payon, Prontera Mall, Eden Group and Lighthalzen


The Vending Officer is the first step in autotrade vending. The NPC is located in all maps that has the feature. The process is easy! The Vending Officer helps several things happen:

  • Slots all merchants into open spaces. This ensures that all merchants are orderly and not scattered about through the cities, but orders all merchants into nice rows.
  • Prevents someone from stealing a spot because of its location.
  • Allows immediate access to the best available location for merchants into the vending lanes - saving you time in setting up shop!

Furthermore, the vending lanes in both Prontera and Payon have been significantly extended! Prior to the introduction of the TalonRO Marketplace, only a handful of slots were available in these very desirable cities. The slots in Prontera and Payon have been extended significantly as shown in the map below:

Vending Maps.png

Vending using @autotrade is a simple and easy! Just speak with the Vending Officer to begin and follow all of the steps below:

Vending System Summary - New 2.png

Shop Commands


The TalonRO Marketplace features two new vending commands which are designed to make the shopping experience even better! For a long time, TalonRO has had commands for searching shops, such as @whosell and @whobuy. TalonRO has also had the Control Panel Database, which is a master repository for items including where they are being sold and at what price. The two new commands added with the TalonRO Marketplace continue in this tradition by helping you filter through the items that you wish to buy quickly and efficiently.

Vending System Summary 3.png


Using @shopfilter is as easy as following the steps below:

Vending System Summary4.png


@shopjump is also very simple and easy to use. Read our guide below for how to use this very innovative new command:

Vending System Summary5.png

Control Panel Searching


You can also use the TalonRO Control Panel to search for items in a variety of ways. Any time you search for an item in the control panel, a message will appear in the item's description if it is being sold and listed at the cheapest price! You can then click to follow that link to a display of shops which sell the item that you're looking for. You can also use our search panels for Buying Shops and Selling Shops. These wonderful filters allow you to search for things like the item name, and price - but also limiting your search to a specific map, a certain character, or even a range of prices that you're willing to pay. The Control Panel offers you maximum power in searching for the items you want! Take a look at the chart below on how this works:

CP Searching.png