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Wave Challenge is a custom made PvM event on TalonRO. It can be accessed by talking to the Minigame Girl.

The Wave Challenge entails fighting a random set of monsters that come in waves. As you progress, the quantity and the difficulty of the monsters and MvPs will increase. Clearing a wave will reward the party with points (game account bound).

Point System

  • The details on how much each monster is worth in points isn't known. But it's not difficult to imagine that harder monsters will give more points.
  • During the gameplay, the points are awarded to the party after clearing a wave.
  • Points can be used for:
    • Hiring mercenaries. Mercenaries are available in different type, different level, and can be placed at different locations. They are fixed at one location and cannot be targeted by monsters.
    • Hiring Kafra Service (for storage access), and Repairman.
    • Rewarp back to the map in case of disconnection etc. The cost of this increases as the party progresses in the Wave Challenge.
  • After finishing the challenge, either by reaching the time limit or a full party wipe, the remaining points that weren't used during the challenge will be equally divided amongst party members. The system divides the amount of points by the amount of party members there were at the moment the party entered the Wave Challenge. Party members have to be online in order to gain the points.
  • These points are bound to the game account (and not character), and can be used to purchase a Wave Challenge Box which will give you a random costume.


  • Monsters in the Wave Challenge give no experience and no drops.
  • You need to be in a party of at least 5 members to be able to enter Wave Challenge.
  • You can dual client in the Wave Challenge, and dualed client will receive points like regular members.
  • There are 2 cooldowns applied upon entering the Wave Challenge map:
    • A 24 hour Game Account cooldown starting from the moment you warp into Wave Challenge.
    • A Forum Account cooldown until the next server day (00:00 server time)
  • There are 2 type of Wave Challenge:
    • Timed: A 1 hour time limit is imposed. As soon as you reach the time limit, your party will be warped out. Compared to Unlimited, floor difficulty progresses twice as quickly, monsters reward more points and hiring Mercenaries, a Kafra or a Repairman is cheaper.
    • Unlimited: No time limit is imposed.
  • Only one party can occupy one room at a time (Timed and Unlimited is a separate room each).




Grand Prize

Apart from the regular Wave Challenge Box, you can also purchase this unique costume. It costs 75,000 points.

20389.png Analyze Eye Costume Account-bound

Wave Challenge Box Prizes

The Wave Challenge Box gives you a random costume from the list below. Purchasing it costs 17,500 points.

What can you get from the Wave Challenge Box?

20385.png Mechanic Feather Hairband Costume
20387.png Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Costume
20441.png Laser of Eagle Costume
20452.png Love Cheek Costume
20449.png White and Black Temptation Costume
20458.png Crimson Booster Costume
20485.png Angel Veil Costume
20472.png Mad Hatter Costume
20461.png Husky Hat Costume
20469.png Piamette Hood Costume
20457.png Large Ribbon Scarf Costume
20456.png Hoshi Crown Costume
20447.png Two-tone Beret Costume